advanced sit whistle on land
sit whistle / tread water in water

fetch to pile
force to pile
8 handed casting
4 handed leg pattern blinds
t pattern

Double t pattern
wagon wheel
water force to pile
water t
water double t

cripple bird training
advanced marking drills
advanced sit whistle
advanced steadying concepts
advanced blind concepts
cold land blinds out to 300 yards

cold water blinds our to 250 yards

quartering live flush birds

quartering dead bird *hunt dead*

No bird on live flush

controlled quartering



introducing DEACON

DEACON IS A BIG, BEAUTIFUL BLACK LABRADOR MALE. DEACON IS TRULY AN amazingly sweet, yet driven BLACK MALE. DEACON HAS A BIG HEAD, BROAD SHOULDERS AND BUILT ABOUT AS THICK AND MUSCULAR AS ANY AMERICAN LAB WE'VE EVER HAD. DEACON IS IN TRAINING NOW TO BE fully finished, fully handling retrieving machine BY THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER. DEACON will make a nice dual purpose dog, upland and duck/goose/dove dog. HE WILL quarter, FLUSH AND HAVE A THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF BOTH UPLAND AND WATERFOWL. DEACON USES HIS nose well and manages her energy level well, CONSIDERING HIS SIZE, making HIM an excellent addition to any blind. DEACON has the temperament to hunt long distances without outrunning his nose or her desire to hunt, LAND OR WATER. DEACON is great with other dogs, children and people. HE is a NICE MEDIUM PLUS drive retrieveR with a nice off switch. DEACON WILL BE ready to hunt, compete OR JUST HANG OUT WITH THE FAMILY. DEACON WILL BE a turnkey dog WHEN HE IS FINISHED HIS TRAINING. BLINDS WELL OVER 200 YARDS, RETRIEVES LAND AND WATER OVER 200 YARDS AND GREAT WITH LIVE BIRDS, CRIPPLES AND DEAD. If you work is 250 yards and under, there is not much you cant get DEACON to do and make you look good doing it.

For more information, call or text at anytime.

Stats on DEACON
Eic - Not Affected
Cnm - Not Affected
Weight: 70 LBS (est)
PRICE 25,000
Buyer is responsible for shipping cost

X - FACTOR       8.2


1         2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

Deacon HAS/will have HAD
walk on leash
walk off leash
collar conditioned
load up
kennel trained
crate trained

SHOT live birds
REAL dead birds
marking singles  

marks out to 300 yardS

force fetch

fully gun brokE  

marking drills

sit whistle
no bird training
dog stand / layout
into to boats / quads atv's

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1         2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

1         2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10