The girls at Dark Timber Kennels have to be something special. We look and only keep the top of the top, smart, collected go-getters with that X factor that is simply hard to explain.

While most breeders and kennels produce dogs based on colors or looks, we care about neither. We simply want the best dogs, smart dogs, healthy dogs and trainable dogs.

Most breeders breed dogs on a energy level of 3 to 7, we tend to breed level 5 to 9.5's and we do this on purpose. While it's true that higher drive dogs take a bit more obedience, when done properly, they make amazing dogs in the field and at home.

On each of the girls tab, you will see a rating system and a short list of stats. This is a good way for you to get a feel for the different dogs. While many of our girls have similar traits, they each have very specific differences. 

If you are looking for a special puppy or dog, we suggest that you simply call us to discuss. The more specific  you can be and the more you can tell us about looking for in a pup, the better we can fit you with your new dog.