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%'s of Dark Timber Dogs per program

  Gentlemen Gun Dog                           5%   
  Advanced Gun Dog Plus                   77%    
  Extreme Gun Dog                              15%
  Dogs that fail out of these programs   3%       
  *Numbers Are Estimates         

2023 Started and Finished Dog

Training Level Prices

 8 Week Old Started Puppy                2,500
 4 Month Old Advanced Puppy          4,500
 10 Mo Old Advanced Gun Dog         12,500
 16  Mo Old Advanced Gun Dog         25,000
 22 Mo Old Professional Comp dog   40,000 and up


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We at Dark Timber Kennels strive to provide the perfect started Labrador, Puppy or even a fully finished dog. Not only do we breed the highest quality AKC and UKC Labradors, but we can actually build you a dog giving you an option to get what you want and when you want it.

We at Dark Timber Kennels have trained dogs for purchase roughly 3 times per year, so if you're in the market for a dog, just give us a call before hunting season and there's a good chance that we have what you are looking for. Please remember that upwards of 80% of our dogs are pre sold each year.

Please remember that we do not charge for a dog. We only charge for the training bill on the dog. The dogs are actually free. This is why ages are estimates and occasionally dogs are priced in between these standard levels.

Currently we have very FEW dogs for available for 2023,

Call us at any time for details


Started dogs go extremely fast. If you can't find the perfect dog this year, just let us 
build a Started Dog or Finished Dog of your dreams!