To see a video of each of the different level of dogs that we produce, feel free to follow any of the following links or simply highlight the "Training Levels" tab above and the various levels will appear in a drop down list.



   in addition to the standard monthly training fees, the following is available for basic information.

   Billing is monthly with a  minimum of a 4 month commitment. we will run all available akc and or ukc hunt tests available as your dog is

   able. billing will include a negative heartworm test and full shot records are required prior to dropping off your dog to dark timber

   kennels. all of these costs and fees are spelled out in detail on your contract or invoice.

EXTREME - gun dog training

16 months of age

   all training includes food, boarding and training

   advanced sit whistle on land

   sit whistle / tread water in water

   fetch to pile

   force to pile

   4 handed casting

   4 handed leg pattern blinds

   t pattern

   double t pattern

   wagon wheel

   water force to pile

   water t

   water double t

   honoring other dogs

   wipe out birds

   cripple bird training

   advanced marking drills

   advanced sit whistle

   advanced steadying concepts

   advanced boat concepts

   advanced blind concepts

   cold blinds out to 150 yards



ADVANCED - gun dog training

10 months of age


   all training includes food, boarding and training

   includes, but not limited to





   walk on leash

   walk off leash

   collar conditioning

   load up

   kennel training

   crate training

   intro to live birds

   intro to dead birds

   marking singles and doubles

   marks out to 150 yards

   marking drills

   sit whistle

   force fetch

   gun breaking


   no bird

   dog stand / layout

   into to boats / quads atv's


Dark timber kennels is proud to offer professional retriever training for a very limited number of dogs. We limit the amount of dogs in training so that we may give each dog the type of training that they will need to perform to the highest level of their potential.

dark timber kennels has thousands and thousands of acres that we lease specifically for dog training and duck hunting. this means that the property that your dog sees every day in training is actual hunting grounds. not a facsimile. our properties will allow each dog to grow and be challenged at each level of training.

please remember here at dark timber kennels, we don't build trial dogs, though you can run trials with our dogs. we don't build hunt test dogs, though you can run tests with our dogs. we build two types of dogs, we build high end obedience dogs often used for therapy or dual purpose dogs and we build high end hunting dogs. dogs built for the most extreme hunting world.

below is a short list of what types of training our retrievers training and pricing